The Big Blue Bus is managed by a voluntary committee who meet regularly. They employ 3 workers to keep the Bus on the road, organise Bus sessions, administer the project, liaise with communities and other organisations. The project also relies on a number of volunteers to help with the project.

Funding comes from:

Big Lottery, Reaching Communities Programme
Peoples’ Health Trust – Heathfull
Local town and parish councils
Local and national trusts, charities and businesses.

objectives & outcomes

The Big Blue Bus is running a number of family sessions in areas where there is little or no community provision. The families in these locations have requested the Big Blue Bus to help reduce isolation in rural areas by providing a friendly meeting place for support, making friends and family learning opportunities.

The impact of these sessions:

Parents have improved confidence leading to improved parenting skills.
Reduced isolation leading to improved family and community cohesion.
Children have increased confidence, independence and demonstrate improved social skills.

We are grateful to the Big Lottery, Reaching Communities Programme for funding sessions in High Littleton, Timsbury, Westfield, Paulton, Batheaston and Pensford. These will run for 3 years until July 2018.


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