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Fantastic facility, the children look forward to it every time and jump in the car to go to playbus – ‘The Blue Bus’. It’s unique- different to other things on offer & with an incredibly supportive staff.

It is a very friendly group. J & M make everyone feel welcome, I get to meet other local Mums too.

Upstairs”It got her used to leaving Mummy for a short time whilst I was upstairs during snack & singing.

My child has made friends, learnt to share.

The Bus has helped to give me ideas to try at home – the children are more inspired than at usual playgroups. Plus space to do things that are hard to organise at home due to size of house.

When my children were very small I found it invaluable to get out and make friends. It helped me to stop feeling isolated and gave us something to look forward to.

This is my daughter’s favourite place to come and play. She often asks if we are going to Playbus today. She can’t wait to get here. I especially like it as it is the one thing she and I do together just for her.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for my childminding children to be part of a group. Very well run and staffed.

My daughter LOVES it, she is really happy playing on the bus but it is not as busy as a toddler group. She looks forward to coming on every week.

It is pretty helpful, with various professionals coming on & lots of leaflets & posters upstairs.

It provides a unique safe and calm place that other toddler groups and Stay & Plays by their very nature cannot provide.

My daughter has become more independent and is happy to play away from me.

It is just brilliant, well thought out and professional.
We love it.

We have been coming on the bus for a year and we think it is great. I make sure that I keep the day the bus comes free. If it wasn’t here we would both really miss it.

I have attended dozens of playgroups during my 20 years of childcare and have found nothing to compare to the playbus – it’s wonderful! The staff who run the bus are probably the greatest asset here. They clearly love the children and love their jobs. They are positive, welcoming and love playing.