The Playbus is a double decker, fully converted as a mobile community centre.

She is kitted out with a kitchen, toilet, 240V electricity, lighting, heating, carpeted seating area, sensory toys, dressing up, book and information corner, messy play area with paints, play-dough, arts and crafts, a sand box and lots more.


The project is based in Radstock, but the Playbus works throughout Bath & North East Somerset and beyond holding sessions in many villages, estates or wherever it is needed. Please see the schedule page for detailed sessions we are running.


Big Blue Bus sessions provide a friendly and welcoming environment for parents, carers and pre-school children to meet in and play. We provide a wide variety of toys and equipment for good quality play experiences and a relaxed atmosphere for adults to chat in. The playbus is an intimate space where children and adults feel comfortable to play and socialise. Adults can develop their parenting skills and share their experiences and make friends in a safe non-threatening environment.

The Playbus runs play projects for 5-12 year olds in areas where there is nothing for school-age kids to do in the holidays and where they are isolated because of no money and lack of transport. Our playschemes are totally free choice, this enables the children to make their own decisions as to when, what and how they play.

We ask for a voluntary contribution, but money is dealt with in a discreet way so that lack of cash won’t put people off coming to the Bus.

Many of the users are either socially or geographically isolated and by supporting these individuals, they develop into a local support network which endures long after the Playbus has moved on.

We aim to improve the quality of life in the communities in which we work.